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Posted on September 19, 2011

I can’t draw and I certainly can’t paint, so maybe the concept that I am about to put forward is complete b******s, but it is my belief that there are similarities between the techniques that are used in drawing and writing. Both start with an idea of an idea, a concept of something; certainly, for me, what precise shape that ‘something’ will take is unknown to me, at least to the conscious part of my mind.

I imagine that the process of drawing involves then the rough sketching of that idea, so that the whole area (be it just a page of paper or a ten metre canvas) is covered; some areas might have more detail (some may even be finished but others are really only a few pencil lines. This, I see as analogous to writing the first draft.

The remainder of the process involves going through the drawing centimetre by centimetre (reading and re-reading the text) adding details or maybe subtracting them; perhaps even changing large parts of what you have previously done.

In both processes, it is a question of building something from nothing, first by broad strokes, and then by finer and finer ones, until the maker is satisfied.

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