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Posted on September 14, 2011

Don’t, whatever else you believe, think that publishers are the friends of the author. Your friends are the readers – no one else is. Not other writers – they’re as keen to see you fail as you are to see them do likewise – and most certainly not those who whisper into your ear about how keen they are to see your book in the shops. When you sign your contract with the publishing company, it might not be in your own blood, but it is very much like a contract with the denizens of hell.

Publishers make money by publishing books.

That sounds as if it should be to your advantage, but publishers do not care whose books they publish, or when, or how much they publicise them… If they have a limited marketing budget and they think they will make more money out of publicising another book at the expense of yours, then there is nothing you can do. If they think likewise about delaying the publication of your book because they have another which they think will make them more money, your book will be delayed…

My first book was only published 18 months after they had purchased it; the soft back edition was delayed a further year because it didn’t suit their schedule.

Writers are merely the resource that publishers look to exploit.

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