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Posted on September 10, 2011

Ah, pity the poor apostrophe, friend to few and in fear of its life. People claim that it is unnecessary and confusing, that no one wants it. I could not disagree more. Properly used, it does what good punctuation should do, it eliminates confusion and improves comprehension . There are two main situations in which it should be used:

1. To tell the reader that two or more words have been joined together (do not becomes don’t, will not becomes won’t.

2. The second is to inform the reader that a word is a possessive (‘s at the end) and not a pleural (just s at the end. The only exception to this is its which is the possessive form of it.

You DON’T need an apostrophe in any other situation. None. Ever.

Tags: Apostrophes, punctuation