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Posted on September 7, 2011

So you have constructed a hero (protagonist) that you are happy with and, you can only hope, will appeal to your readers. What then? Essentially, during the course of the story, the commonest plot involves that hero going on a jouney. By ‘journey’ I do not mean a physical journey of going from A to B (although that may be part of the plot), I mean a spiritual journey; the hero is changed in some way by the events of the story. There has been an interaction between the hero and the storyline and the result is a figure who is altered. It may be for the better, it may be for the worse; it doesn’t matter. If the reader empathises with your hero, then they will feel affected. You, the author, will have moved your reader. This is a wonderful feeling.

There are other ways to ‘use’ the hero, but this is the most satisfying.

Tags: fiction, Plots, plotting